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Coastal Must Haves

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Must Haves: something that is necessary to have or get. Synonyms: condition, demand, must, must-have, necessary, necessity, need,needful, requirement, requisite, sine qua non

We carry some must haves that you must have when you visit or live on our beautiful coast!

Cacoon – is THE new hangout space, a new concept for relaxation and simple fun ,designed for adults and children alike. Basically it is like a hanging tent for outdoors or indoors – a place to relax.

Snake Eye Beach (or yard) Dominoes – giant (well there big anyway) dominoes that are perfect for outdoors which is where you need to spend more time anyway. Perfect for the beach.

Waboba Balls – It is the most ridiculous and fun ball that you can have at the beach, the pool or the lake. WHY? Because it bounces and skips on water. Yes Radical – another must have.

We are your one-stop shop for all beach items, so check back as often as possible, since our inventory is constantly changing.

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