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Every business has to start somewhere, and Salt Coastal Outfitters is no exception. Although we are considered one of the top beach outfitters in the Orange Beach, AL area, our journey has been a long one. However, just like any other story, ours is worth telling.

Our founders, Jon and Doris Butler, moved to the beautiful beaches of Alabama in November 2003 along with their three children. They had many ideas and visions in mind of what the future was to hold, and one of these dreams was to start a family business. A year later, they opened Butler Promotional Media, LLC, which was later renamed Promobutler, Inc. Promobutler, Inc. helps companies brand themselves through the use of promotional advertising products.

Although our founders achieved their dream of owning their own business, Doris always wanted her own brick and mortar retail store. After working from home for over a decade, they finally took the plunge and started Salt Coastal Outfitters. Since then, we have grown and we now carry the massive lineup that we have today.

Not only do our customers love the cowhide and sheepskin products with a 20 year guarantee, but they simply cannot get enough of our other products. Reach out to us today and see what items we have to offer you in Orange Beach, AL.

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